It’s been over a YEAR since I uploaded any new videos.

That’s because the past year has been one of the toughest years of my life, and I was forced to face various challenges and obstacles that really tested my strength, time and time again.

Whenever I thought things might get better, or easier, they simply seemed to just get HARDER. And harder. And harder… And at my lowest of lows, I almost reached my breaking point.

I experienced anger, depression, lack of motivation, and most of all – FRUSTRATION! I was frustrated because I felt like a victim of circumstance. I let life and my emotions take control of me, instead of being in control.

So I had a choice to make.

Was I going to give up and quit? Or face my challenges head on, get stronger, and grow from them..?

Luckily, I chose the latter.

Watch my confession below…

Watch the Overcoming Challenges & Obstacles Video on YouTube

Hope that my video inspires you to take control of your life, and overcome any and all of the challenges and obstacles you may be facing in your life.

It’s always good to remember that the path to success is never bump-free. There will be many obstacles and challenges that you’ll need to face throughout your life, and that’s simply part of the path.

Always remember that going forward...

Face each of your challenges and obstacles head on, learn from them, grow stronger, and breakthrough them by DECIDING to, and taking consistent actions!

I'm so glad to be back, and stay tuned to many more videos coming soon. GO AND GET SOME ABS NOW! 😉