Once again, it’s been a while!

But I’ve been working on many new things over the past year – and I look forward to sharing them with you soon…

In the meantime though, you’ll definitely want to check out two of my new videos on SLEEP.

As you’ll soon find out – a lack of sleep can lead to MANY different health challenges – including DEATH.

So be sure to watch both videos below.

Watch the How Much Sleep Do I Need Video on YouTube

Watch the Natural Sleep Aid Products Video on YouTube

Recommended Products For Sleep

1. Presto Customizable Organic Latex Mattress

2. AirMega Coway 400S

3. WYND Plus (Purifier + Tracker)

4. MUSE Brain Sensing Headband

5. Brain.FM App

6. Sleep Eye Mask (with built-in headphones)

7. Ikea Lamp

8. RED Bulbs

9. Valerian Root Supplement

10. Magnesium Supplement

11. Kava Supplement

12. Gaba Supplement

13. Zinc Supplement

14. Lavender & Chamomile Tea

Be sure to check each of those products out! And again, remember to always check with a DR. before taking any supplements…

Stay tuned to many more videos coming soon.