In my last video, I talked all about how to detox your body, while also giving you some tips and advice on how to get started… I also talk about how many of the foods and supplements we consume on a daily basis play a large role in making our bodies more toxic!

And as a result, our progress in the gym and overall health suffers!

So in this new video, I talk about one of my favourite supplements of all time… I’ve been taking this specific supplement every single morning for the past two years, and it’s simply AMAZING! It will also help you cleanse your body on a daily basis, and provide you with a TON of vital mineral, nutrients, antioxidants, probiotics, enzymes, herbs, plus so much more!

So be sure to watch the video now…

Watch the Living Fuel Super Greens Video on YouTube

Hope you learned some valuable stuff from this video, and I definitely recommend that you check out living fuel’s products, especially the Super Greens, and Super Berry Ultimate!

Amazing products, and I can’t go a day without them.

I usually take half a scoop of each every morning, while also mixing it together with some protein, and sometimes a little extra amino acids (or BCAA’s).

You can also add some to a home-made smoothie, or freshly squeezed juice for some added favour.

Stay healthy, and GO AND GET SOME ABS NOW! 😉