As 2015 is now here, millions of people around the world are now making their health and fitness new years resolutions. To lose that extra weight, build some muscle, gain some strength, or just to be healthier overall, and start eating better…

Whatever the case may be, the facts, and statistics unfortunately show that 99% of those same people WILL NOT follow through, and won’t end up achieving the results they had hoped / planned for.

What are your goals for 2015? Think about it, and write some down…

Once you’re done, watch the video below!

Watch the Health and Fitness New Years Resolutions Video on YouTube 

Hope you found some value in my message to you… If it resonated with you, please make sure to hold yourself accountable this year, and COMMIT to sticking with a good plan!

It is your daily actions that will shape your life, and destiny, so start taking the right actions every day, and make 2015 the year you completely transform your life for the better.

If anything, do it for Santa, so you can help him lose 48 lbs. and get to the North Pole 😉

Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and successful new year…