When it comes to fitness, health, and nutrition, everyone and their next door neighbour seems to be an expert.

Old opinions get passed down from generation to generation, and those opinions eventually turn into “truths” for the people they were passed down to. Also, these days anyone can post anything on the internet, and as long as the source kind of seems legitimate, you’ll probably end up believing what you read, and perhaps even tell your family and friends about it…

And so the cycle of spreading misinformation, continues.

But in reality, they are simply myths… And 5 of the common myths related to getting six-pack abs are about to get DEBUNKED – so you no longer have to fall for them!

I will also reveal the truth about fat, and explain what kind of fat you should be consuming, and the kind of fat you should be staying away from!

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5 Six-Pack Myths

So let’s set the record straight once and for all, and start with the 5 common six-pack myths that many people fall for.

Myth #1 - You Can Turn Fat Into Muscle

This has to be one of the oldest and most common myths that I hear time and time again… Unfortunately though, it’s TOTALLY FALSE!

FAT can only be stored in the body, or released as energy… You can only gain FAT, or BURN FAT… You definitely can’t turn it into muscle.

It's like trying to spin straw into gold. Unless you live in an imaginary world of fairytales, it's not going to happen. So instead of struggling to achieve something that is essentially impossible (and I barely ever use the word impossible), focus on burning the fat instead.

The more muscle you build, the greater the amount of calories your body will burn, and as long as your nutrition is on point, you will also burn a greater amount of fat as well.

Focus on high intensity training, mixed with resistance training, and a proper diet. If you do that, you will eventually reach your goals. Just don't go gaining a bunch of fat, thinking that you can eventually turn it into muscle later on.

You will only end up fat, and disappointed.

Myth #2 - Sit-Ups Will Get Rid of Belly Fat & Reveal Abs

The truth is, you can do 1000 sit-ups a day, until your blue in the face, but you still won’t EVER see your abs, if you’re not following a proper nutrition and workout plan specific to your goals…

If I got a dollar every time I saw someone solely working abs at the gym, thinking that the sit-ups will eventually burn off their belly fat, I would surely be a millionaire.

Did you know that many fitness models and even some pro body builders, with toned and sculpted bodies, and ripped abs NEVER even do sit-ups or directly train their abs? That might sound crazy to you, but it's true!

Revealing your abs is all about BURNING the layer of FAT that covers them... Not about working your abdominal muscles, by doing exercises such as sit-ups and crunches. Don't get me wrong though, I definitely recommend training abs to strengthen your core, and build your abdominal muscles, but if your main goal is to SEE your abs by making them visible, you must focus your energy on burning fat as a whole - not on doing sit-ups.

Doing 100 sit-ups only burns anywhere between 28-80 calories, depending on your weight, and how fast you complete them.

1 Tablespoon of oil is equal to 120 calories.

Think about that, before the next time you focus a bunch of your energy in the wrong place... Train and eat smart.

Myth #3 - Weigh Yourself Daily to Track Progress

The problem with this method is that the results can be very deceiving, since just because you GAINED, or perhaps even LOST a few pounds within a period of a few days… That doesn’t necessarily mean that you GAINED or LOST any FAT whatsoever.

The weight difference could have simply resulted because of your bodies change in either water weight, muscle weight, or the amount of food you digested on that specific day would also play a role… if you didn’t weigh yourself on an empty stomach.

As you continue to transform your body, and improve your overall body composition by adding lean muscle, and burning off fat, you may end up weighing the same exact number (depending where you started out) as you weighed when you were out of shape, only this time you will look completely different - in a good way! This happens because of the newly added dense muscle weight that will re-shape your body like a fit cover model.

So don't waste your energy on the scale too much. Instead, you will be better off finding out what your body fat percentage is (BF%) by a certified fitness assessment specialist.

And always remember, feeling good about yourself starts from the inside, and you don't need any scales or mirrors for that! 🙂

Myth #4 - All Fats are Bad & Make You Fat

About 30 years ago, we were fed a big lie about fat by many north american government agencies, based on a few faulty studies, that didn't properly communicate the truth. This led to the north american media pushing the "breaking news" that FATS are the devil, and every person should greatly reduce the amount of fat in their diet, if not completely eliminate it.

And so the FAT FREE era was born.

Wasn't long after (mid 1980) that many of the large food companies started releasing FAT FREE foods, leading the public to believe that, if you don't want to be FAT, and live a healthier life, you should probably eat fat free foods!

But guess what happened...

People got FATTER. Much fatter. The obesity level rose by almost 20-30% within the first few years of the fat free craze, and it just kept on climbing. One of the main factors that lead to this dramatic increase, was the ingredients all these food manufacturing companies replaced the fat content with.

They removed the fat, and spiked the foods with large amounts of sugar, and ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup instead - causing people to have insane insulin spikes throughout the day. Causing them to store more fat, and feel hungrier throughout the day, so they end up eating / snacking way more.

So much for "fat-free."

The idea though, was that if you removed the fat from the foods, people wouldn't get fat. But we now know that the idea was obviously flawed, and very misleading. The opposite turned out to be true...

Fast forward to now (about 30 years later) and not much has changed... Fat free foods and diets are still being promoted and sold as I type this. On TV, at your local grocery store, and sampled at places like Costco. And boy do people all around the world still fall for it.

And so they continue to get fatter...

But history, is history. What matters is what you choose to do NOW. So as I mentioned in the '5 Six Pack Myths & The Truth About Fat' video above...

Fat is a very important part of your diet, and you should stay away from many of those processed fat-free foods you find at the grocery store, since they will probably end up making you fatter, or prevent you from burning the kind of fat your body is capable of.

Instead, you should make sure you get a good amount of HEALTHY FATS in your diet, on a daily bases.

10 Healthy Fat Foods You Can Add To Your Diet

  1. Avocado
  2. Wild Salmon and other fatty wild fish
  3. Raw nuts or natural nut butters (almonds, walnuts...)
  4. Fish oil
  5. Olive oil
  6. Coconut oil (or raw coconut)
  7. Eggs (organic free-run)
  8. Dairy in moderation (organic / grass-fed, between 1%-3% fat - no fat-free)
  9. Grass-fed beef
  10. Grass-fed butter

The only fat you REALLY want to stay away from is TRANS FAT, and foods with hydrogenated oils. Those fats ARE the devil, and horrible both your abs, and overall health!

So don't be scared to add a bunch of the good fats to your diet (in moderation), as long as you don't go overboard. Always remember that each gram of fat contains more than double the amount of calories per gram found in protein or carbs... So be sure to keep your fatty food portions smaller, and always track the calories from them and make sure they fit into your overall macro-nutrient breakdown!

Or else, eating too much fat (good or bad) will end up making you fat, by putting you over your caloric limit, and being stored away in places like your belly, for a rainy day.

Myth #5 - A Calorie, is a Calorie

The secret to getting a lean, and toned body with six-pack abs isn't just about eating a certain amount of calories each and every day... But more importantly about eating the RIGHT kinds of calories!

As an example, let's say that you need to consume about 2,400 calories per day, to achieve your fitness goals. There are many ways you can reach that caloric number...

You can simply drink a bit more than a cup of oil, and voilà! Or you can simply eat a bunch of krispy kreme donuts, and you'll easily reach 2,400 calories before you know it! But you definitely won't get the body of your dreams by doing that.

So it's not only about reaching some number, because as I just stated, you can do that in many different ways, one being by eating junk food.

The key is to eat the RIGHT kinds of food, with a proper macro-nutrient breakdown.

That means you will need a good amount of protein (around 1 gram per pound of body weight), some "good" carbs / fibre, and decent amount of healthy fats in your diet, all equaling to 2,400 cals per day (depending on your specify body and goals).

So start reading food labels more often, and always try to eat nutritionally dense foods, instead of junk foods aka "empty calories."

If your body isn't getting the proper nutrients it needs, you will not reach your fitness goals.

The Truth About Fat

As I already mentioned earlier in this post, people all around the world were mislead over the years, and led to believe that ALL FATS are bad - which obviously isn't the case.

You need fat in your diet - the good fats. You simply have to track the calories from them, and make sure that they fit into your nutrition plan (macro-nutrient breakdown).

Fat is essential for many functions in your body, and many of those functions are directly related to getting lean... So you actually need healthy fats in your diet, to be able to burn stubborn belly fat!

So, in summary, don't be scared to eat good fats, and never fall for the 5 common six-pack myths again.

Go reach your goals, and get some Abs NOW!