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  • stephanie mendoza

    hello my name is stephanie i am 21 years old and although im what you can consider “skinny” ive sufferd all my life of muffin top. about 3 years ago i started eating healthy on and of and going on intense workout regimens on and off but without seeing many results or the results i wanted after about 1 or 3 month i quited my excercice regimen because i thought nothing seem to work for me.. about 20 days ago i started using an app the calculated your calories and started consuming about 1200 calories a day and started and INTENSE workout regimen working out 5 to 6 times a week sometimes 2 a day with my dance clases but i still see no results and im eating really healthy… right now im pretty depressed my body is all i can think about as shallow as it sounds.. and i feel i will never have the body of my dreams i really need your help and expert opinion about what am i doing wrong i also suffer from hypothyroidism but have it under control .. please please please help me it is really affecting my confidence