How to Lose Belly Fat (5 Steps)

how to lose belly fat

In this blog post, you will learn exactly how to lose belly fat – in 5 easy steps!* Make sure you watch the video below first, since I describe all the steps in detail… After your done watching the video, read the rest of the blog post, since I will walk you through everything, step…

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Fat Burning Tips (5 Six-Pack Myths)

When it comes to fitness, health, and nutrition, everyone and their next door neighbour seems to be an expert. Old opinions get passed down from generation to generation, and those opinions eventually turn into “truths” for the people they were passed down to. Also, these days anyone can post anything on the internet, and as…

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How to Get Six Pack Abs – (Shocking Truth About Calories)

Did you know that eating a few salads a day can make you FAT? The video below will reveal why “eating healthy” can actually make you FAT, and you will also learn the key to getting lean six-pack abs – with a little bonus visual demonstration! So go ahead and watch the video NOW! Watch the ‘How to…

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Better Than Yesterday… Journey to A Better Body

A wise man once said, In life you are either growing, or you are dying… And if you’re not growing, you are surely dying! Life is all about growth. It’s about becoming better than you were yesterday… Improving yourself in all aspects of your life, and constantly working towards becoming a better person – in every…

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Abs NOW! Radio Interview

I was recently interviewed by one of the local university radio stations in Toronto, regarding my Abs NOW! program, and the background behind it… In the interview, I talk about how I got into fitness, my kind of “skinny-fat” body type, my educational background in Fitness & Health, and much more! Feel free to give…

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New Book Reveals How To Get Abs – FAST!

“New Book Reveals: The Exact Secrets Cover Models Use To Get Sexy & Lean Six-Pack Abs, In As Little As Just 6-Weeks…” Recently released my new book on how to get six-pack abs, and the response I’ve been getting so far, is simply AWESOME! I pretty much packed in EVERYTHING anyone who wants to get in…

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